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Argentine empanadas are often served at parties as a starter or main course, or in festivals. Shops specialize in freshly made empanadas, with many flavors and fillings. The dough is usually of wheat flour, butter, with fillings differing from province to province; in some, it is mainly chicken; in others, beef (cubed or ground depending on the region) is used, perhaps spiced with cumin and paprika; others include onion, boiled egg, olives, or raisins. Empanadas can be baked (Salta-style) or fried (Tucuman-style). They may also contain ham, fish, humita (sweetcorn with white sauce) or spinach; a fruit filling is used to create a dessert empanada. Empanadas of the interior regions can be spiced with peppers. Many are eaten at celebrations. In those places (usually take-out shops) where several types are served wit special pattern, is added to the pastry fold. These patterns indicate the filling. In larger cities, empanadas are more commonly eaten as take-away food, sourced from restaurants specializing in this dish. They usually carry dozens of different varieties, Empanadas from Salta are called salteñas, and are distinct from Tucumán-style empanadas, as they are smaller and baked without the addition of fat or oil. Typical fillings include carne suave or picante—(beef or spicy beef), at Mr Empanadas we have our own recipes from our chef for more than 40 years.


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Meat, Chicken, Cheese,Ham & Cheese, Chorizo,

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To improve the world with delicious, nutritious fast food that is good for you and good for the earth. To be a positive, respectful, healthy place to eat, work, and do business.

The history of taste

Mr Empanadas is the leading Australian fast-food empanadas & cafe brand. Our history is a tale of taste and the successful adaptation of the Australian fast-food model to the habits and tastes of Europeans.

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